Model session inspires new work.

Serena's Harvest

Serena’s Harvest

Some months ago, I took part in a four artist session of working with a model in a life drawing and sculpture session over a period of four weeks. This weekly get together with other artists and a live model gave inspiration to the idea of taking the models pose, and transforming it into more of a story. I feel strongly that a piece of art is much richer if it tells a story.
In this case, the model’s pose suggested the attitude of a haughty marine vixen. Mermaids in sculpture are old news in the art world, so I decided that Serena would be a little different. A more life-like woman evolved from the clay, but still carried the mystique of the mythical sea creature that captured the imaginations and souls of yearning seamen. Serena is seemingly proud of her harvest.
This work is in clay, but found objects from the oceans have been added. A walk on the Atlantic Cape Cod beach provided the menacing fish skeletal head-dress. Other bones that can be seen in her trailing net, I have found in Mexico, and on the beach here at home in White Rock.

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